Beautiful two-day wedding in Switzerland

Beautiful two-day wedding in Gstaad /Switzerland

Sahra & Pranay


Locations: Gstaad and Saanen/Switzerland | Indian Celebration: Landhaus Saanen  | Church: Mauritius Church Saanen | Wedding Celebration: Gstaad Palace  | Wedding Dress Designer: Cherie D | Wedding Film: SCHWALMPICTURES

Sahra’s and Pranay’s wedding was one of its kind. Sahra’s family comes from Switzerland, Pranay from India. Though both decided to live in the US, they decided to celebrate their wedding in Sahra’s hometown Saanen and Gstaad. Surrounded by one of the beautiful mountain sceneries you can imagine.

The first day was dedicated to several amazing Indian wedding traditions and an awesome evening party! Have you ever seen or been a part of Indian wedding before? You haven’t? Me neither! I was completely stunned and speechless!
Sahra and Pranay wished to have some first look and some official portraits done on Friday afternoon before the official wedding celebrations started. I love the emotion in their first look photographs so much! And their outfits? Oh my gosh! So beautiful!

The wedding celebration began with a traditional turban wrapping, singing and dancing on the rooftop of the Landaus Hotel in Saanen. Sahra’s beauty has been underlined with beautiful traditional pieces of Indian jewellery. All these moments were already so beautiful and emotional.
The celebrations continued in front of the bakery of Sahra’s family, where the aperitif took place and guests were expecting Pranay’s arrival to join the groom’s procession to meet his bride. Everybody was singing, dancing, and shouting out traditional Indian well wishes.
Sahra’s family greeted the groom and his family, and exchanged floral garlands. After that the all procession entered the celebration hall.
Another beautiful moment happened when Sahra entered the hall under a blanket held by their family members. It’s tradition for the men of the family to give away the bride.
Sahra and Pranay entered the podium and placed a flower garlands around each other’s necks to symbolize their acceptance of the union. And then the big Indian party started! Indian dances and awesome dance performances one after each other took place on the big podium! One of the numerous highlights was definitely a dance of Pranay’s mother, which brought everyone to tears.

On the next day, the getting ready started in the afternoon and took place in the Gstaad palace. Again, I was amazed by Sahra’s and Pranay’s wedding outfits.
Sahra and her father arrived in a Rolls Royce at the church. When she entered the church, all talks and rumours stopped and all heads turned toward her. Everyone was silenced by her graze as she walked down the aisle.
As the ceremony finished, everyone walked down into the village to get some drinks in front of the bakery of Sahra’s family. Yet it was time to decide, who would catch Sahra’s bridal flowers! And of course, a short photoshoot took place at the gorgeous Gstaad palace garden.
The celebration hall at Gstaad palace was incredibly decorated. During this evening I heard probably the most beautiful and emotional speech so far, held by Pranay.

Though Sahra’s and Pranay’s wedding took place in a five Star Hotel, and though I have never seen such wedding decorations, dinner, dresses or jewellery before, those weren’t the highlights for me. For me it was clearly that the wedding was all about those two unbelievable beautiful souls, their love for each other, and of course their families and friends. It was pure love and joy in all speeches, traditional celebrations and gestures throughout the whole wedding.
All the love for you two and your families!

Watch Sahra’s and Pranay’s lovely wedding film made by SCHWALM PICTURES


After-Wedding Photoshoot in the Bavarian nature

After-Wedding Photoshoot in the Bavarian Nature


Not only the beautiful Bavarian nature, the harmonious interplay of the evening light on the mountains of the Bavarian Zugspitzland have enchanted us, but especially this couple, Laura and Sebastian!

I first met this couple at the Dream Wedding wedding fair in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and even then I realized how much I would like to photograph this lovely, full of joy couple. It is hard to describe how much I fell in love with Laura’s natural charisma and her wild curly hair and smile. Equally delighted with this couple was also the bridal fashion designer Laura Schivo from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Together we developed a sweet concept for a shoot with Laura and Sebastian. An after-wedding photoshoot in boho style on the river banks. They both were equally enthusiastic about our idea and did not hesitate to say yes!

For the after-wedding shoot, Laura Schivo has decided to take a beautiful dress of the upcoming bride collection 2020. Sticking with the boho theme, we dressed our bride in a light geometric lace and chiffon dress. On closer look, you can recognize the play of colors of the different shades of white. The dress is high-necked, form-fitting and still leaves enough space to celebrate. True to the motto “Wild and free”. In addition, Laura walked on the riverbanks barefooted, with a discreetly anklet.

To perfect the look, we had the talented local make-up artist Sarah Obermeier onboard and a wild bridal bouquet from Mr. Strasser of “Blumen Umverblümt”.
Of course, we did not want to miss a tepee tent during our after wedding shoot in Boho style. This can be borrowed from the company “Tipiyeah” from Berlin. The whole decoration, as well as the styling of the tepee, was taken over by Laura Schivo. 

I hope you look our concept and have fun looking through it. Maybe you will get inspired for your own wedding or maybe you liked it so much that you would like to book an after-wedding-shoot with me;)

Wedding dress & concept: Laura Schivo | Hair and Make-up: Sarah Obermaier | Flowers: Blumen Unverblümt – Klaus Strasser | Tepee tent: TIPIYEAH

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Laura & Sebastian | Beautiful wedding in Morocco

Beautiful wedding in Morocco


Location: Kasbah Beldi / Wedding dress: Kaviar Gauche

Individual, unique and beautiful…Laura & Sebastian decided to celebrate their wedding in Morocco – a stunning country where Sebastian asked Laura to become his wife a year ago. For me one of the most exciting weddings I had the honor to photograph.

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Sabrina & Marcel | Couple Photoshoot at Eibsee

Couple Photoshoot at Eibsee

Sabrina & Marcel

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Anna & Mirko | Winter Wedding on the Zugspitze Mountain

Anna & Mirko | Winter wedding on the Zugspitze

A wedding and people who deserve hashtag #PUREAWESOMENESS

Do you like winter weddings? Then you will love this one!

Anna & Mirko decided to tight their knot in the mountains during winter. And if you ask yourself now why? Well, the reason is quite simple. They both love the mountains and they are both winter fans. It just came down to the question, where to find a beautiful place to get married. And also this part wasn’t tricky at all. As the highest mountain of Germany, the Zugspitze is the ideal location to get married. Especially if you’re a wintersport enthusiast.

A fun fact is that they didn’t want to hire a professional photographer, because it is just a “civil wedding”. But in the end they asked for some recommendations in their local hotel. The hotel manager gave them my contact and we quickly set up a call to talk about the details.

When we got in touch I learned that Anna is a talented graphic designer and Mirko is a marketing manager. I talked with Anna about their expectations and wishes and it was a nice surprise how relaxed and easy our talk went. Both of them just wanted to have a lovely, small intimate wedding with their families and friends at the place they both love – in the mountains.

If you’re getting married in the mountains, you never know how the weather will be. You have to expect everything. The best time to check the weather is just maximal two days before, better one day before. The weather forecast for Anna’s and Mirko’s wedding was cloudy with temperatures between -17° and -12° Celsius, with light snow fall. Sounds exiting, right? I packed one more layer of my clothes and was already imaging, how could it be for them, posing around just in their wedding clothes.

Since the new cable car wasn’t in operation yet, we met at the Zugspitze Railway Station, to take us up on the mountain.

From the first moment, when I saw Anna and Mirko, and got introduced to their friends and family, I knew that it would gonna be a lovely relaxed wedding with style!

Our ride through the beautiful winter scenery in Garmisch-Partenkirchen was packed with fun in laugther all the way up to the Zugspitze. When we arrived at the top, we had still time to have a look around and take some pre-wedding pictures.

The civil wedding ceremony itself was one of the most relaxed ones I have ever photographed. A wonderful atmosphere – with kind words, balloons and a little boy running around.

After the ceremony the guests were already waiting for the brand new Mrs. and Mr. with a surprise bubble shower. Some drinks were served too of course. And not by the local staff up there, no, Anna’s family took a big bag filled with boxes of sparkling wine glasses and some bottles by themselves up there! And the best part of it: this amazing family producing their own sparkling wine! A little family owned company with a delicious product. It was pure joy and fun!

Soon after we took some family portraits and couple photos. As I said it was cold – but of course if you’re getting married at such a place, you want to have pictures just in your stunning wedding outfit.

Anna & Mirko got married on the Zugspitze on 12th of December 2018. They had one of a kind wedding together with their loving family and friends to celebrate with them.

I feel very honored to got the chance to attend this beautiful wedding, meet those wonderful people and be part of their special/awesome day.

Let’s start with that day morning view from my balkony 🙂 If the day starts like this you know its gonna be perfect! Btw. the gorgeous mountain on this photograph is not the Zugspitze, this is the Alpspitze – the symbol of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. 

Anna & Mirko, you know that already but I would like to say (write) that once more – thank you so much for your trust and all your awesomeness! Keep it real <3

Meena & Eric | Wedding at Riessersee | Germany

Lovely summer wedding at Riessersee

Meena & Eric

Ruthie & Alex | Engagement photoshoot at Eibsee

Engagement photo shoot at lake Eibsee and on the Zugspitze Mountain


I am happy to show you the photos of Ru & Alex at their lovely engagement shoot at lake Eibsee and on the Zugspitze. 

Alex contacted me at the end of May and shared that he is coming with his girlfriend to visit his parents, who are working in Germany, and is planning to ask his girlfriend Ruthie to be his wife at the beautiful lake Eibsee. He would love to have an engagement photo shoot, which would take place at Eibsee and in the mountains the day after the proposal (of course if she says yes). That made me so excited!

The lake Eibsee has emerald green and unbelievably clean water. It is definitely one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen, and I am so lucky to live here. The lake lies at the base of the Zugspitze (2950 meters above sea level), Germany’s highest mountain. This location is just a dream. If you have never been here, you should visit!

Alex made his proposal really romantic. He took Ruthie on a canoe trip to one of the eight wonderful small islands on Eibsee, and asked her to be his wife. What do you think her answer was? Of course, “YES, I do”, if she had said no there would be no beautiful engagement photographs.

I am so happy that I can share with you my favorite pictures of this lovely young couple and their engagement photo shoot.

Ru & Alex, thank you for allowing me to photograph you, and I wish you all the best for your future!